Funding the open font community

"I really like the work being done around open fonts and related software and I want to support the work of the open font community. Any suggestions?"

Thank you for your willingness to support the efforts of the various people involved in the open font community! Your support of the various projects and community efforts is really appreciated! Your contributions will help sustain our work and allow more people to benefit from the unencumbered fonts and related components we create, refine, integrate and distribute more widely. We will try our best to be transparent and responsible about the way your money is being used.

Who can I donate to?

You can consider one or more of these groups (every little gift helps and donations are generally tax-deductible):

You can also donate directly to an active individual of the open font community:

(disclaimer: You need to be fully aware that giving directly to any invididual is different from giving to any of the groups above, no official link or affiliation is implied).

Patrons and funding sources for open font related community projects

"I wonder which organisations have already funded or would be interested in funding work on open fonts and related software?"

The following organisations are likely to support you when working on open fonts (some already have and we're very grateful), get in touch with them (disclaimer: we do not endorse the activities or affiliations of these organisations) :

Companies involved in commissioning open fonts

"What companies have or are likely to commission established foundries to work on open fonts and related software?"

You can look at the way the following companies do their commissioning: (disclaimer: we do not endorse the activities or affiliations of these companies):

Established for-profit foundries doing open fonts

"What established for-profit foundry has experience doing open fonts?"

You can consider approaching the following foundries which got paid to do at least one open font: (disclaimer: we do not endorse the activities or affiliations of these foundries):